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Ashley Dillard is an editor for Achievement Hunter.

Early Life[]

Ashley attended the University of Texas at Austin. She double majored in East Asian Studies and Multimedia Journalism, graduating with Bachelor's degrees in both fields.

She worked with several businesses in the Austin area as an editor before being hired by Rooster Teeth in June of 2016.

Career at Rooster Teeth[]

Ashley has edited many Let's Plays and Play Pals since her hiring. She has also appeared in a few live-action Achievement Hunter videos.

Personal Life[]

Ashley lives and works in Austin, Texas. She does freelance editing apart from Rooster Teeth in her spare time.


  • The first video Ashley edited was Let's Play - Plants vs Zombies GW2: Infinite Mode.
  • Ashley is a fan of the Fallout series. She also enjoys the puzzle genre.
  • Ashley enjoys live music and festivals, particularly SXSW.
  • Ashley is a fan of zombie/apocalypse games and television shows, and as such strongly enjoys editing the 7 Days to Die Let's Plays.