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Fails of the Weak was an Achievement Hunter series in which two AH employees (most commonly Jack & Geoff) reviewed and laughed at "fails" by players in the Halo series.


The first episode of Fails of the Weak debuted on September 22, 2010. The show ran for a long time featuring exclusively fails in the Halo series, but was later changed to encompass other series as well.

Beginning with Volume 200, Fails of the Weak was merged with fellow AH-run channel Game Fails, ending an exclusively Halo based fails series. The weekly recaps formerly featured on the Game Fails channel were replaced with Fails of the Weak.

In Volume 275, Geoff and Jack announced that they would no longer be the main hosts of the show, mostly in order to allow other AH members to host, but also to free up time for other projects. Geoff and Jack continued to guest host the show on occasion, however.

Following Volume 295, on May 13, 2016, Fails of the Weak was officially retired, being replaced in part by the Top 3 daily fails on the GameFails YouTube channel.

Special Episodes[]

  • Fails of the Year: 2010
  • 100th Episode Special: Super Special!
  • Fails of the Weak: Episode 260 - 5 Years of Fails
  • Fails of the Weak: Episode 277 - Top 10 Fails of 2015


  • Fails of the Weak has the second most episodes of all Achievement Hunter series, behind Let's Play.
  • Fails of the Weak's logo has changed 7 times (Episodes: 1-38, 39-145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 150-present).