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Game Fails (sometimes stylized as /gameFAILS/) was a video series and YouTube channel managed by Achievement Hunter in which fails in various video games were uploaded daily.


Prior to Game Fails, Achievement Hunter was receiving more submissions for Fails of the Weak than they could handle, leaving them with a massive backlog of content that didn't make the cut for some reason or another.

Game Fails was announced on YouTube via the Rooster Teeth channel, through a video uploaded on Jul. 8, 2011. The channel was created as a sort of celebration for Achievement Hunter's third birthday, and so that content that didn't make it into Fails of the Weak could still be uploaded.

The Game Fails channel was separate from Fails of the Weak in that it uploaded daily rather than every Friday, the content uploaded was not exclusive to Halo: Reach, there was no commentary, and it had its own channel to upload to.

The final Game Fails video was uploaded on December 30, 2016, and the channel became officially defunct on January 5, 2017.


Individual fail videos were uploaded between December 18, 2011 and December 31, 2015.

A weekly recap video was featured from August 5, 2013 to July 11, 2014. This recap was scrapped and replaced by the concept of Fails of the Weak, which Achievement Hunter had chosen to relocate to the Game Fails channel. Fails of the Weak continued to be uploaded on Fridays.

Beginning on July 14, 2014, Daily Fails began to have Achievement Hunter commentary, much like Fails of the Week used to, but no longer had unique titles, simply being given Daily Fail and the date as titles.

Starting on February 16, 2015, Daily Fail videos were once again titled after the actual video content, but lost the Achievement Hunter commentary. On March 11, 2015, the Daily Fails began using the parenthesized tags of glitch, fail, or, rarely, win.

Starting on February 9, 2016, Game Fails began uploading "Top 3" fail videos daily, ending on December 30, 2016. This video format brought the return of Achievement Hunter commentary. The commentary would remain until the channel became defunct.

Extra Content[]

Beginning on February 11, 2016, Game Fails began a Theme Thursday series, starring two hosts in a rotating cast. Three episodes starred three hosts, while three episodes also starred hosts from outside Achievement Hunter, including ScrewAttack, Funhaus, and CowChop. The final Theme Thursday was uploaded on May 26, 2016.

Game Fails uploaded Best Of videos starring Michael Jones and Ray Narvaez, Jr. on a loose weekly basis from April 19, 2013 until August 9, 2013. These videos featured certain types of fails or genres of games. Geoff and Gavin appeared in one episode each, replacing Michael both times.

Game Fails also featured Top Fails of the Month videos, running from January 2012 to July 2013, and then again from January 2015 to November 2016. Fails of the Year videos were uploaded for 2011-2016, in varying formats.

Special Episodes[]

  • The End - The Top 10 Best Fails for 2016
  • Top 5 Fails for October - ASMR Edition


  • Game Fails has a Twitter account, though it only ever posted 6 times, all during July 2011.
    • The Game Fails account actually belonged to a fan before Jack personally messaged the account requesting ownership of it. Despite the fan relinquishing control, the account was hardly used. The previous owner later asked Jack during a Reddit AMA in 2012 if it would ever be used.