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Hardcore Tabletop is a new Achievement Hunter board game series, available to First members only. Though similar to Let's Roll, both series will continue independently of one another.


A group of Achievement Hunters plays board games. Geoff runs the games, acting as the banker in the Monopoly series, for example. All games are played for real money.

The show has a very high production value. It features an intro with a theme, and reality TV-style interview cuts and voice-over. The set is filled with custom-made props, and each cast member is outfitted in a costume (though Ryan's costume is simply his everyday outfit). Each episode's length is roughly the same as a televised show in a half-hour slot, with the first episode running about 22 and half minutes.

In Season 1, in which Monopoly is played, Alfredo, Jack, Jeremy, Matt, Michael, and Ryan are contestants in the game, while Geoff runs the game. Lindsay acts as the "bailiff", taking people to the jail, and Elyse plays the role of referee, explaining rules and such.


Season 1: Monopoly[]

# Episode Title Release Date (RT) Release Date (YT)
1 Box Rules & Bankrolls August 21, 2018 August 21, 2018
2 The Properties are Lava August 21, 2018 n/a
3 Roll with Caution August 28, 2018 n/a
4 The Player Killer September 4, 2018 n/a
5 Allies & Auction September 11, 2018 n/a
6 The Turn September 18, 2018 n/a
7 Luck's Pendulum September 25, 2018 n/a
8 The Power Of 7 November 7, 2018 n/a


  • Ryan's costume is simply his everyday clothes. He believed his co-workers were joking about the concept of the show and the costumes until they all showed up to the filming in full regalia.
  • The costumes were added to make fun of people who show up to poker tournaments in ridiculous outfits.
  • Matt's token is a mustache that much resembles a mustache Geoff sported for some time, while Alfredo's token is a very large nose, clearly a reference to Gavin.