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Jack dill Pattillo is a co-founder of Achievement Hunter, as well as a host/participant in many of their shows.

Early Life[]

Jack was born in Texas on January 3, 1982. He attended the University of Texas at Austin from 2000 to 2005, where he studied Radio Television Film (film making).

Jack worked first at Aspyr Media, where he was a Creative Video Producer from February 2006 until December 2008. He also worked as a writer for Ain't It Cool News, Aspyr Media, from March 2001 up until July 2009.

Career at Rooster Teeth[]

Jack's first affiliation with Rooster Teeth was through meeting Burnie Burns and Joel Heyman at a poker game in 2007. Burnie had liked Jack's work with Ain't It Cool News and pitched him the idea of doing front page work for Rooster Teeth.

Jack was a host of the short-lived 2008 Rooster Teeth series Forced Enjoyment. He was also an occasional host of other Achievement Hunter videos between 2008 and 2009, before being hired full-time in 2009. Jack starred in the first Achievement Hunter video, an achievement guide in Burnout Paradise. Since then, Jack has been a member of the main cast of Achievement Hunter and, along with Geoff Ramsey, is known for being one of the founders of Achievement Hunter.

Though his main focus is Achievement Hunter, he still occasionally appears in some Rooster Teeth shows, their Podcast, and attends all Rooster Teeth conventions.

Personal Life[]

On November 12, 2013, Jack married Australian actress and fellow Rooster Teeth affiliate Caiti Ward. The couple currently reside in Austin, Texas, the location of the Rooster Teeth offices.


  • Jack has mentioned on occasion that he has starred in a softcore porno.
  • Early in Achievement Hunter's life, Jack did not have a beard. His trademark beard did not become a staple until 2010.
  • Jack's beard also has its own Twitter account, though it hasn't been active since January 2017.
  • Jack is ten years older than his wife, Caiti.
  • Jack's original gamertag is derived from a nickname he got in high school, Monki, and "JACK" spelled out on a phone, 5225.
  • Jack has stated that if Rooster Teeth never existed, he would likely be working in video game production or film.
  • Jack is an avid Steven Spielberg fan, citing Jurassic Park as the reason for his interest in filmmaking.
  • Jack is responsible for why Achievement Hunter is falling apart like Kootra did with the now defunct Creatures back in 2016.
  • Since he likes to make bad jokes its imply he's Numbuh 2 from KND but grown up.
  • A lot of Fans believe that Jack is more an Lad than a Gent since The fans think the rules of being a Gent is to have children which Geoff, Ryan and Michael have while Jack doesn't have any.
  • In the recent Achievement Island, Jack thought Astoria was in Washington not Oregon which Jeremy knew since he and Kat went to Cannon Rock from the Goonies.