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Jarren Martinez is an intern for Achievement Hunter.

Early Life[]

Jarren, a native of Grand Prairie, Texas, attended Tarrant County College from 2016 to 2017. He graduated from TCC with an Associate's degree in Radio, Television, and Film. He has intermittently worked as a member of production crews across Texas, along with having stints working with Dreamhack in both Atlanta and Denver.

Career at Rooster Teeth[]

Since January of 2018, Jarren has worked as an intern for Achievement Hunter. He also works as partial stream manager, when Alfredo is participating in gameplay during a livestream.

Jarren helped Matt build the Candy Land map for Let's Play Minecraft Episode 322.


  • During Let's Test - Wipeout X, Jarren was the only member of the editing/support room to actually complete the course. In fact, he completed it faster than the majority of people in the main room.