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Lawrence Peter "Larry" Matovina (born Aug. 16, 1990) is an employee of Rooster Teeth working as lead editor for Achievement Hunter.

Early Life[]

Originally from Griffith, Indiana, Larry attended Ball State University starting in 2009 and graduating in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts, (B.A.), in Digital Video Production. He first started as a creative services intern at WISN TV in 2012 for less than a year where he wrote and edited 15 second news topics, produced a 30-second fall lineup promo and produced series of 4 second WISN website promos.

Afterwards, he "spent 6 months at home watching Pawn Stars and putting out resumes...[before realizing] people don't hire you for full-time film jobs when you have no experience."

Larry then moved to Austin with his college roommate, where he interned for and worked on a couple films with local company, Ralph Smyth. He also landed some production assistant work with Rooster Teeth live action around this time. One of the Ralph Smyth employees was brought on as an editor for Lazer Team, and picked up Larry as his assistant editor, mainly because he had experience working with both Larry and Rooster Teeth. Following Lazer Team, Larry worked on the Rooster Teeth web-series Crunch Time, after which he was appointed to a full-time job, to help fill the void left after Jeremy became a main host and left the editing room.

Career at Rooster Teeth[]

Larry had been working as an editor for Achievement Hunter full-time since October 21, 2015. Larry was officially hired as a member of Achievement Hunter in January of 2016 to work as an editor and behind the scenes tech guy. After Trevor departed as lead editor to become Achievement Hunter's supervising manager, Larry took over as lead editor. As Lead Editor, his chief responsibilities include editing Let's Play - Minecraft and overseeing post-production for the department. He was seen on the Extra Life stream in the Screw Attack Amiibo fights, and has appeared several times in AHWU.

Personal Life[]

He has a younger brother, Michael M. Matovina, who is both an amateur magician and musician. His show/band currently tours in China.


  • His nickname Shifty Larry originated from Caiti during the Extra Life 2015 stream. He was on-stream late at night playing Werewolves; the Villagers were deciding who to kill next and Caiti said, "Larry's looking real shifty. Kill Shifty Larry."
    • Larry was innocent in that game.
  • Larry's favorite video games and series include:
    • Mario series, particularly Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy
    • Banjo-Kazooie
    • Portal 1 and 2