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Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 3 - PLAN G is the third episode of Achievement Hunter's Let's Play Minecraft series.


Geoff and Gavin have recently been building a lovely town for all the Achievement Hunter boys, nicknamed "Achievement City". Ray, Michael, and Jack will soon discover a little secret that Geoff and Gavin left under the town.


  • Both Kung Fu House (later to become Ryan's house) and Stunt House were built along with the five houses and logo.
    • While Ray's house had no bed, even Kung Fu House had one.
  • During the triggering of Plan G, footage from the top of Geoff's house looking down at the logo is used. However, all five players were on the ground at the time, though only Gavin can be seen. This means that the footage was captured by Geoff during an earlier testing of Plan G.
    • The player tag used for this footage was "Notch", creator of Minecraft.
    • In the bottom left corner of the screen, a translucent image of Geoff and Gavin laughing can be seen.
  • Ray and Michael split-screened during this Let's Play. This was the final time players split-screened during a Minecraft Let's Play.
  • Geoff stated that the building of Achievement City took roughly 20 hours.
  • Ray was the only player who had selected the skin he would continue to use by this point.