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Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 6 - Enter the Nether Part 1 is the sixth episode of Achievement Hunter's Let's Play Minecraft series.


Geoff boots up a fresh world and brings in Jack, Michael and Ray for a contest: be the first to build a Nether portal and step into the Nether. Killing allowed, bucket trick allowed, no holds barred. Who will get up to shenanigans and mess with their opponents this time?


  • After murdering a skeleton, Michael claims to be an unstoppable warrior. Ray then asks him what his warrior name is, to which Michael responds: "Mogar". Thus, Mogar was created.
  • Immediately after the invention of Mogar, Michael remarks about having both coal and flint. Geoff then mentions how that would be a cool name: "Flynt Coal". And so, Flynt Coal was created.
  • This is the first Let's Play Minecraft in which Ray refers to his skin as Tuxedo Mask, and uses the rose as an item of power.
  • Contrary to some people's beliefs, the world is called "Nether", not "Jack's a dickhead".