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"Hello everyone, and welcome to our Minecraft Let's Play. So far Geoff has murdered Michael and stolen his map."
Gavin Free[src]

Let's Play Minecraft with Geoff, Jack, Michael, Gavin and Ray, sometimes referred to as Let's Play: Minecraft - Episode 1, is the first episode of Achievement Hunter's Let's Play Minecraft series.


In their first foray into Minecraft, a group of confused and helpless Achievement Hunters attempt to build shelter, gather materials, and survive the night, as they also try to figure out their controls and avoid any sort of disaster.


  • Ray did not have a functioning mic during this Let's Play. As a result, he can only be heard distantly through other players' microphones, usually inaudibly. Some of his commentary is subtitled, however.
  • None of the players had settled on a skin, so the iconic skins they would later use had not been selected yet.
  • Gavin was the only player who had previously played Minecraft, hence his quick delve into the underground to find resources.
  • Ray and Gavin split-screened during this Let's Play. Split-screening in a Minecraft Let's Play only occurred twice more; during Episode 2, and Episode 3.
  • This Let's Play contains the first use of the name "Achievement City". Gavin used it in reference to the large number of achievements he was unlocking while mining.