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Sunday Driving was an Achievement Hunter podcast/Let's Play hybrid series.


In Sunday Driving, several Achievement Hunters, led by Geoff, would drive around in a game, usually GTA V, and tell stories and banter with each other. Some other shenanigans occasionally ensue.

Episode 4 features non-AH member Griffon Ramsey as a guest star, and is the only episode to feature a guest.


Sunday Driving ran from November 6, 2014, to July 5, 2015. The series was not scheduled, and episodes released months apart from each other. The AH podcast concept of Sunday Driving was reshaped into the still-running Off Topic podcast, and as such, Sunday Driving can be considered a proto-Off Topic.

A one-off return to Sunday Driving was released on May 11, 2017, and is the only episode featuring a game other than GTA V. It is also the only episode to feature Jack and Jeremy.

Jeremy stated in a Reddit AMA in April 2018 that there is a possibility of Sunday Driving or a similar concept making a return.


# Episode TItle Game Release Date
1 Achievement Hunter Presents: Sunday Driving GTA V November 6, 2014
2 Sunday Driving - The Haywood Chronicles GTA V January 25, 2015
3 Sunday Driving in GTA V - How Muddy Do You Like It? GTA V April 5, 2015
4 Sunday Driving in GTA V - The Married Life GTA V July 5, 2015
5 Let's Play - Sunday Driving in Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost Recon Wildlands May 11, 2017